Covid-19: Gatherings of more than 6 people to be made illegal in England

Social gatherings of more than six people will be illegal across England from Monday (September 14) as the Government tackles the rise in coronavirus cases.

We’ve put together everything you need to know about the upcoming changes.

What is the current legal limit on social gatherings?

Currently, the legal limit on social gatherings is 30 people.

When and where will the new law apply?

From Monday, September 14, this will be reduced from 30 people to just six.

It will apply to gatherings indoors and outdoors – including private homes, as well as parks, pubs and restaurants.

Gatherings of more than six people will be allowed where the household or support bubble is larger than six, or where the gathering is for work or education purposes.

Are there any exemptions to the new law?

Exemptions relating to household and support bubbles will also apply for weddings, funerals and organised team sports in a Covid-secure way.

What will the PM say on Wednesday, September 9?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will use a press conference on Wednesday to announce the change in the law after the number of daily positive Covid-19 cases in the UK rose to almost 3,000.

Mr Johnson is expected to tell the press conference: “We need to act now to stop the virus spreading. So we are simplifying and strengthening the rules on social contact – making them easier to understand and for the police to enforce.

“It is absolutely critical that people now abide by these rules and remember the basics – washing your hands, covering your face, keeping space from others, and getting a test if you have symptoms.”

‘Urgent action required after rise in Covid cases’

Downing Street said chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty, chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and the Government had jointly agreed that urgent action was needed after the rise in coronavirus cases.

Some 2,420 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus were recorded in Britain as of 9am on Tuesday, following the 2,988 reported in the UK on Sunday, which was the largest daily figure since May.

How much will people be fined if they break the new law on social gatherings across England?

The Government hopes that the change to the law will make it easier for the police to identify and disperse illegal gatherings. Failure to comply could result in a £100 fine, which will double on each repeat offence up to £3,200.

Number 10 said Mr Johnson held a virtual roundtable with police forces last week where officers expressed their desire for rules on social contact to be simplified.