Cornwall MP Cherilyn Mackrory UK budget a big help for Cornish

Today, Thursday, November 17, the Chancellor has announced the Government’s latest financial plans as he unveils his Autumn statement.

In setting out his statement, the Chancellor made clear that the Government will look to take tough but fair decisions to restore economic stability and tackle inflation.

Welcoming the announcement, Truro and Falmouth MP Cherilyn Mackrory said: “The Chancellor has clearly set out his stall for restoring economic stability, gripping inflation and investing in public services like our schools and NHS.

“I believe this is a fair and balanced statement and shows as a country we do not have to choose between a strong economy or good public services – with the right policy in place, we can have both.

“The Government remains committed to reducing taxes, but those with the broadest shoulders will pay their fair share going forward. The Autumn statement raises £25 billion in additional tax revenue. The decisions we have made will mean the wealthier households will contribute more, allowing the Government to target support at those who need it most during these challenging times.

“Among the announcements, and despite the challenging economic circumstances, we are providing £2-3 billion additional funding for the NHS in each of the next two years so we can bring down ambulance waiting times, tackle the Covid backlog and improve access to GPs.

“We are also providing £2.8 billion next year and £4.7 billion the year after for adult social care, which will double the number of people leaving hospitals on time and into care by 2024, addressing unmet needs and boosting low pay in the sector. We will also provide £4 billion in additional funding for schools over the next two years to give our children the best possible start in life.

“Also announced today was a clear commitment from the Government to agreeing to a County Deal for Cornwall. This will transform our economy, by creating new jobs, improving skills and attracting inward investment. It will raise living standards and reducing inequalities and poverty, and will provide better local services and quality affordable housing. It will also help preserve and protect our natural environment and support our move in Cornwall to net zero.

“There is no doubt that this Autumn Statement is a big help for Cornish residents.”

Falmouth Packet | Truro